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Lew Fulton & François Cuenot
International Energy Agency
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Susanna Zammataro
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International comparison of light-duty vehicle fuel economy and related characteristics

The International Energy Agency, in partnership with the Global Fuel Economy Initiative (GFEI), and with a grant from FIA Foundation (a GFEI partner), has undertaken a research program on fuel economy of light‐duty vehicles (LDVs) around the world. This brief is a product of that effort, and reports on IEA’s analysis of vehicle characteristics, including fuel economy, in 21 countries around the world and the EU. In particular, it reports what may be the first ever global average estimate for LDV fuel economy world‐wide. This effort involved collecting data on vehicle registrations and technical characteristics at the make/model/configuration level of detail for each country, and aggregating this data to derive average estimates of key variables.