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Crispin Emmanuel D. Diaz and Primitivo C. Cal
University of the Philippines
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Peter Midgley, gTKP
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Urban Mobility
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Impacts of Government Regulation on the Sustainability of Paratransit Services in the Philippines

The FX type of para-transit service emerged about ten years ago and has become a significant part of the public transport system. However, in its current form, the operations are not complying with the actual permissions granted by the public transport regulatory agencies. Bringing operations in line with existing franchise requirements appear as
challenges to continued existence in current form. Based on the financial analysis conducted considering passenger occupancy and fare structure, it appears that the FX operations under recently proposed regimes will lose the financial viability that they currently enjoy. Although these results are based on information on services between Manila City and Quezon City only, these results provide an indication of the possible outcome. In support of its continued existence, it is proposed that FX services be placed under the Filcab classification, allowing continued service similar to their present condition, but under a rationalized allocation of the service.