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Nikola Medimorec, Angela Enriquez, Emily Hosek, Karl Peet and Angel Cortez
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COVID-19, Urban Mobility
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Impact’s of COVID-19 on Mobility

In recent weeks, global data showing how mobility is being affected by COVID-19 in different regions has emerged, primarily from Google and Apple through their map services data and location history data. This analysis examines such data sets to describe the early impacts of the pandemic on global mobility. It looks at how regions and different income groups are affected, and seeks to provide a preliminary answer to the question of how COVID-19 is impacting urban mobility and transport modes. This analysis does not include freight transport, as it was not covered in the Google or Apple data sets. Aviation, an area which is strongly affected by COVID-19, is also not covered in this analysis. The authors would like to indicate that the data sets by Google and Apple do not reflect a complete picture of how mobility has changed due to COVID-19. Suggestions for complementary data and research, as well as for available compilations of resources are provided.

The document is available on the SLOCAT website and by clicking on the below link: