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Carlos Moreno, Catherine DIgnazio, Elkin Velásquez, Laura Faye Tenenbaum & Emilia Saiz
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How will Covid-19 change the way cities work? | A conversation with global experts

Since Covid-19 became a global health crisis, cities and citizens from all over the world have witnessed and experienced the urban dimension of the pandemic. Without a doubt, both the impact of the spread of the virus on urban life and the response to the crisis by cities and governments represent a before and after in terms of how urban areas function, are managed and will be planned.

At the same time, the socio-economic challenges brought to the fore by the pandemic force us to rethink how we can better harness technology, innovation and cooperation to move forward towards increasing social and urban resilience.

In this shifting moment, we at CitiesToBe are focused on shedding light on cities’ future, in order to help all the relevant stakeholders involved in the city management and urban life connect the dots regarding the post-pandemic urban world.

This is why we have surveyed a group of leading global urban experts from different fields – urban science and planning, multilateral cooperation, climate change and sustainability – on the future functioning of cities after Covid-19. 

The conversation is available on the Cities to be website and by clicking on the link below: