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Samuel Colverson, et al.
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Caroline Visser
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Harnessing the Power of Public-Private Partnerships: The role of hybrid financing strategies in sustainable development

The paper starts from the assumptive foundation that PPP is a popular method of public procurement
that will remain central to government policy across the developed world in the short- to medium-term future.
Furthermore, considering the ongoing acceptance of PPPs in many middle-income economies, and the specialized
challenges facing lower-income economies in the provision of public infrastructure and services, it is not difficult to
imagine PPP becoming manifestly popular across the developing world.

Sitting, as it were, on the cusp of a potential large scale take-up of PPPs that will influence the shape of many projects
around the world, it is important to insure the vehicle is properly constructed and reflects international best practices
and understandings of sustainability. It is the intention of this paper, therefore, to open the discussion on environment
and sustainability within PPP and provide preliminary observations with which to inform future actions and research.