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Birendra Bisht and Susmita Pandey
Intello Transpo. Pvt. Ltd.
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Generating Insights from Correlating Driving Behavior of Drivers with the Changing Driving Context (Presentation 821)

India has one of the highest rates of road accidents in the world. In 2016, the total number of road accidents, both reported and unreported, was estimated at more than 5 million. With such high mortality and morbidity rates, the need for urgent remediation becomes imperative.
Government of India publications clearly report driver fault as the primary cause of road accidents and fatalities. In fact, rash driving behavior in challenging contexts, is known to severely impact trip quality, undermine passenger/driver safety and can even lead to fatal accidents. Yet, driving behavior, in isolation, may not sufficiently explain the incidence of road accidents, but when analyzed along with the driving context, provides deep insights on safe driving. 
Driver behavior is strongly influenced by the surrounding driving context, which impacts the driving response quality of an individual driver to a sudden emerging situation. Imagine a standardized system that provides following insights on driving behavior of a driver: ‘Driver A / NH4 / full truck load / 70+ kmph / 01:00-04:00 AM /aggressive tailgating / banked road with sharp curve / speed humps’. Such reporting provides a detailed understanding of the interaction between Driver A and his overall driving context.
Driving context and driver response can be correlated to better understand his/her overall driving behavior, which is a collection of thousands of manifestations of the driver’s driving profile. These profiles provide valuable insights about the driving behavior of an individual driver, and highlight those drive-situations where the driver is more likely to have an accident.