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Gerhard P. Metschies
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Olim Latipov
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Fuel Prices and Vehicle Taxation: Pricing Policies for Diesel Fuel, Gasoline, and Vehicle Taxation in Developing Countries

Fuels, fuel prices and fuel taxation are matters of global debate, not only in terms of transport and energy policy, but also with regard to economic, financial and environmental policy. Within that context, international comparisons are playing an increasingly important role. The present working paper on global fuel prices and global motorization is being published by the GTZ division ”Transport and Mobility” and is intended primarily as a source of comparative basic data for a national sector policy within the transportation sector in developing countries. It is the second edition of the publication ”Fuel Prices and Taxation”, and it offers both an update of fuel price data and an extension of scope compared to the first edition as it now includes data on vehicle taxation as well.