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Thierry Goger, Migle Pallukaite and Caroline Evans
FEHRL - Forum of European National Highway Research Laboratories
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FOX and USE-IT: Harmonised and Interoperable Transport Infrastructure Across All Transport Modes (Presentation 890)

Increasing mobility needs, technologic advance, as well as the EU policy and strategic vision for future transport sector lead to the more integrated transport system where transport modes are fully interoperable and cooperative in terms of infrastructure and customers. Paper presents holistic and cross-modal approach for further development of efficient European transport system. Two international projects (FOX and USE-iT) are oriented to investigate common needs and challenges between the transport modes and develop a highly efficient and effective cross-modal R&D environment, where involvement of the four transport modes helps to determine the state-of- the-art in research and practice and identify the most promising practices and solutions. Best practices and technological solutions from different transport modes in the areas of transport infrastructure construction, maintenance, inspection, recycle and reuse, user information, safety and security, energy and carbon were gathered, analysed and evaluated according their potential to be implemented cross-modally (at least two transport modes).