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Uma Subramanian & Jon Arnold
The World Bank
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Olim Latipov
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Finances & Economics, Trade & Transport
Asia (AS)

Forging Subregional Links in Transportation and Logistics in South Asia

This report focuses on a sub-region of South Asia covering Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and Eastern India that has high poverty levels.

As the South Asian countries are positioning themselves to participate in global and regional markets in light of recent liberalization policies, their efforts and opportunities to find markets within and outside the region are severely limited due to serious transportation and logistics impediments. These impediments significantly raise the cost of doing business affecting critical economic sectors. In turn, they have an adverse impact on economic growth, low skilled employment and poverty in the sub-region. The landlocked countries or regions are in particular, severely constrained by poor access.

Through the innovative analytic framework that would support more open
and rational dialogue among countries and among public and private sector groups in the region,this report would contribute to the process of helping forge partnerships and collaboration in the sub-region, promoting trade, investment, growth and employment.

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