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Sonal Shah, Rithvika Rajiv, Abhijit Lokre
The Urban Catalysts, High Volume Transport (HVT)
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Urban Mobility, COVID-19, Social Development
Asia(AS) & Oceania (AUS)

FINAL REPORT: Moving towards gender equitable public transport operations in a post COVID-19 world

While public transportation systems are being resumed with curtailed services, lower occupancy, disinfection of vehicles, contactless ticketing, online reservation of seats and fare increases post COVID-19 lockdown, there is limited data on the effect that these measures have had on women’s access, safety and perception of safety. This research aims to understand the impact of COVID-19 on the mobility of women with respect to bus-based transportation and provide emergency as well as long-term recommendations for gender responsive, safe and secure public bus transportation in Delhi, with relevance for other cities in India and LICs in South Asia. 

The research was carried out by The Urban Catalysts and was funded by UK Aid, through their COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund.

The report can be found on the High Volume Transport website by clicking on this link: https://transport-links.com/download/final-report-moving-towards-gender-equitable-public-transport-operations-in-a-post-covid-19-world/

The Urban Catalysts also organised a workshop with speakers from various gender and transport organisations to identify and discuss the next research steps. The workshop recordings, as well as other relevant information about this research study, can be found on The Urban Catalysts website by clicking on this link: https://www.theurbancatalysts.org/publications