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Dr. Jagadish C. Pokharel, Kishore Thapa, Dr. Sagar Prasai, Dr. Prastuti Sharma, Dr. Ajay C. Lal, Ranjan Bhatta, Richa Dhungana, Ankit Karna
Nepal Institute for Urban and Regional Studies (NIURS)
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COVID-19, HIGH VOLUME TRANSPORT, Finances & Economics
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Evaluating the Economic Impact and Infection Control Measures of COVID-19 in the Public Transport Sector in Nepal

This study assesses the economic impact of infection control measures, including lockdowns, adopted after the outbreak of the pandemic and evaluates relative risks of exposure across five vehicle types in Nepal’s transportation sector. We evaluate the risks in reference to advisories and recommendations issued by national and international public health regulatory agencies. We provide a list of recommendations intended for vehicle operators and regulatory agencies in Nepal that are intended to foster a speedy financial recovery of the sector and enhanced safety in the use of public vehicles. We believe that our findings and recommendations will be applicable in other LICs where the vehicle mix is similar.

The report can be found on the High Volume Transport website by clicking on this link: http://transport-links.com/download/evaluating-the-economic-impact-and-infection-control-measures-of-covid-19-in-the-public-transport-sector-in-nepal-final-report/