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Jan A. Schwaab, Sascha Thielmann
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Olim Latipov
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Economic Instruments for Sustainable Road Transport: An Overview for Policy Makers in Developing Countries

“This book shall serve as an introductory guide for policy makers in the transport sector of developing countries. As part of policy reforms towards sustainable road transport, Economic Instruments are increasingly considered as an option. In this regard, every policy maker faces at least the following basic questions: • Why should a sustainable road transport strategy be pursued? What will it entail, and what is the role of Economic Instruments? • How should a strategy that uses Economic Instruments be set up? • What have other countries and regions done? Is there international “best practice” experience with Economic Instruments to learn from? • What do we learn from a wise use of Economic Instruments? These questions are all examined in turn throughout the book. In the past, Economic Instruments were mainly implemented in OECD countries. Most of the international experience, thus, stems from this group of countries. Increasingly, however, non-OECD countries recognise the potential of Economic Instruments. It enables them to pursue both development goals and raise public revenue while guaranteeing mobility for the people at the same time. Therefore, this book aims to revisit international experience with Economic Instruments and understand their potential contribution to sustainable development in developing countries.”