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Andre Frieslaar, John Jones and Tony Marks
HHO Africa Infrastructure Engineers (South Africa)
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Peter Midgley, gTKP
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Urban Mobility
Africa (AFR)
South Africa

Creating livable communities: a case study of the Heartland site Somerset West

Heartland Properties are currently developing 700 ha of land (called the Heartland Site), in the Somerset West area. The site is within the urban edge of Cape Town and is to be developed as a mixed use development comprising residential, commercial, educational and recreational land uses.

The developer and his professional team have committed themselves to a coordinated spatial, urban design and transport planning approach. Using the above approach, a reduction in both the number and length of trips can be achieved. The distribution of land uses can have a major influence on total transport needs, car ownership and use, the availability of alternative ways to travel and the effectiveness and viability of public transport.

Government’s Policies are to encourage public transport, walking and cycling over the use of the private car. The paper presents a case study of how the coordinated spatial, urban design and transport planning approach can provide a transport system that will reduce the present excessive dependence on the private car, while providing a more efficient transportation service that supports, rather than impedes the development of a livable community.