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Tor Medalen
The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim (Norway)
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Peter Midgley, gTKP
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Urban Mobility
Europe (EU)

Co-ordinated land-use and transportation planning – Norwegian style

The premise for this paper is that traffic causes environmental problems. These can be reduced by mitigating measures like noise barriers, or traffic reduction. In this paper the latter is the point of departure. Instead of looking for the best form I look into a planning effort to reduce the amount of car traffic in order to avoid as much as possible of the negative impacts related to the dominant mode of transportation, car traffic. This paper describes and evaluates how a small European city, Trondheim in Norway, tries to follow state guidelines and regulations in order to achieve environmental goals set by the state and goals of their owni. In their effort the Municipality of Trondheim is instrumental in developing a soft ware tool for analysing locations and changes in the transportation system. The questions raised in this paper are: Was the co-ordinated land-use and transportation successful? Did the new soft ware tool provide the planners with knowledge that could be useful in their analysis and recommendations?