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Pia Carlson
Volvo Research and Educational Foundations (Sweden)
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Peter Midgley
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Cities, Mobility and Accessibility: A Summary of the 4th International Conference on Future Urban Transport

Speaking at the 4th International Conference on Future Urban Transport, Leif Johanson, President, AB Volvo, and CEO, Volvo Group, highlighted the need for researchers, urban planners, politicians and industry to pull together. “Only through combined efforts can we create sustainable transport solutions for the world’s big cities.”

This was the first time that all parties had gathered for a single conference. Researchers were present from universities and from the seven VREF Centers of Excellence, CoEs, funded worldwide by the Volvo Research and Educational Foundations, VREF. Also present were politicians, representatives of automotive industry and urban planners – in all, 200 delegates from 100 cities.

This year’s theme was Access and Mobility for the Cities of Tomorrow. Several speakers underscored the importance of co-operation and dialogue for achieving that vision.