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L. Pretorius and C.J. Bester
City of Cape Town (South Africa)
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Peter Midgley, gTKP
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Urban Mobility
Africa (AFR)
South Africa

Cape Town: A proposed strategic plan for non-motorised transport (NMT) for Cape Town

Although planning and implementation for bicycle and pedestrian facilities in Cape Town have been undertaken in the past, these initiatives have not been carried out under the guidance of an overall framework or policy for the broader metropolitan area. Whilst, pedestrian and cycle issues are briefly described in the City of Cape Town?s Integrated Transport Plan [Cape Metropolitan Council (CMC), 1998], a contextual analysis of non-motorised transport (NMT) issues in the City, the City’s policy responses and strategies, have not been comprehensively addressed.

This paper sets out to describe the issues relating to NMT in the City with specific reference to walking and cycling modes. It further outlines a proposed policy response and strategies to address NMT and describes certain key projects proposed to launch and promote the NMT strategy. This proposed policy is also guided by national (Road to Safety 2001-2005 strategy which includes Shova Kalula) and provincial (Provincial Delivery Plan 21 for public transport) frameworks.

Even though the policy is developed for Cape Town it can clearly be adapted to other cities in South Africa and it is recommended that all cities include and address NMT in their Integrated Transport Plans.