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Bellagio Declaration on Transportation and Climate Change

Twenty one representatives from eighteen different organizations working on transport and climate change in developing countries met on the 12 -16 May, 2009 in Bellagio, in a meeting to build a consensus on the required policy response to the growing CO2 emissions from transport in the developing world.
The meeting resulted in the Bellagio Declaration on Transportation and Climate Change. This Declaration calls on organizations and individuals to support urgent action to change the trajectory of future GHG emissions from transport and to make transport in developing countries more sustainable. It appeals to all participants in the climate negotiations leading up to COP 15 to provide strong support for the following 3 key-principles:
– Principle 1: Effective Climate Action Is Incomplete Without Addressing the Overall System Performance of the Transport Sector.
– Principle 2: Climate action in the transport sector should recognize co-benefits
– Principle 3: Carbon finance mechanisms and associated procedures should catalyze sustainable transport policies, programs and projects.

Link: Bellagio Declaration on Transportation and Climate Change