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Tri Basuki Joewono and Hisashi Kubota
Saitama University (Japan)
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Peter Midgley, gTKP
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Urban Mobility
Asia (AS)

BANDUNG: The Characteristics of Paratransit and Non-Motorized Transport in Bandung, Indonesia

Angkutan Kota (paratransit) and non-motorized vehicles still exist in many small and big cities in Indonesia. This paper intends to explore the characteristics of paratransit and NMT in Bandung. Operational, financial, perception, and users’ ability and willingness to pay data were collected using survey. There is significance difference in becak operational
characteristics between 1984 and 2001. Analysis shows that NMT provides mobility for women, student, low-income user, and job opportunity for people with limited skill and education, including exercise. Survey shows that NMT still accepted by community. Paratransit is 61.24% of total public transportation in Bandung. The minimum load factor is 29.17% and the maximum is 82.34%. 70.7% of paratransit user answers that the service quality of paratransit is good enough and 53% respondent says that tariff is suitable with the service quality. User ability and willingness has been analyzed according to service quality, trip purpose, user expenses, and fare perception.