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Aldian, A., Taylor, M. A. P.,
University of South Australia
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Olim Latipov
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A consistent method to determine flexible criteria weights for multicriteria transport project evaluation in developing countries

In transport project evaluation, the impacts can be viewed from various aspects. So there is always a conflict of analysis in regard with the impacts of the project. From some aspects point of view, the impacts are often difficult to be valued in monetary terms. These conditions make the application of monetary evaluation such Cost-Benefit Analysis alone often inadequate for transport evaluation. These limitations have led to the development of non-monetary evaluation method known as multicriteria analysis. The use of multicriteria analysis in transportation project evaluation enable decision maker to express his/her view in decision making process. It could also encourage public involvement in the evaluation. The main challenge of multicriteria analysis application is how to determine criteria weights. Different decision maker is likely to give different weight on a criterion. Thus, criteria weights determination in turn could be time consuming and costly. This paper introduces a multicriteria analysis method, called proportion method that is suitable to be applied in developing countries.