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2nd African Road Safety Conference in response to Decade of Action for Road Safety: 2011-2020 African Action Plan held in Addis-Ababa (November 2011)

Five pillars: The African Road Safety Action Plan 2011-2020 is organized under the five pillars of the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020, namely: (i) Road Safety Management which concerns the institutional framework needed to implement road safety activities, and thereby sets the oversight of all other pillars; (ii) Safer roads and mobility that deals with road development, the safety of all road users, especially pedestrians and other vulnerable users; (iii) Safer vehicles which focuses on standards, entry and exit of vehicles into and from countries; (iv) Safer drivers and other road users that addresses driver training, testing and licensing, driving permits and enforcement of the driving code, awareness and education of the public, and the development of a safety culture, and (v) Post-crash response which deals with on site care, transport and trauma care of injured.