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R. Bartlett, G. Villacorta Alegria, N. Quintana Va
Schorrell Analysis
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Olim Latipov
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206 Road Notes Peru: an Introduction to Transport and Roads in Peru

This report, produced in association with Peruvian NGO “ITN Capac Nan”, provides a comprehensive introduction to transport and roads in Peru. The document is comprised of introductory briefing notes with up-to-date figures and statistics and a series of short reports. The seven topics covered in these reports are: rural roads; motocarros (a popular form of low-cost motorised transportation); inland waterways; Inca highways; the use of GIS in Peru; transport and socio-economic problems; and a new tool for evaluating non-motorised transport (NMT) known as ZZE.Road Notes Peru also provides details of organisations working in the region as well as information on relevant websites and internet-based discussion groups.