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Drinking and Driving: a road safety manual for decision-makers and practitioners

This manual is part of a series produced as a follow-up to UN Resolutions on road safety and World Report on Road Traffic Injury Prevention, which call for addressing key road safety risk factors by UN Member States. The consumption of alcohol affects vision, reaction time and impairs judgement leading to the taking of more risks on the road. It is estimated that alcohol is a contributory cause of 15% of serious road accidents, however, in many countries there is little public awareness of the problem, legislation and enforcement are inadequate. Commercial drivers are addressed as a priority group, because they carry passengers, travel long distances and drive heavier vehicles likely to create more severe accidents. The manual provides advice on why start a drinking and driving programme, how to assess the problem in a country, how to plan and implement a programme, including setting up a working group, developing a plan, examples of law and enforcement required, how to undertake public education and awareness campaigns and how to evaluate the programme. The manual features case studies illustrating good practice of drinking and driving programmes around the world.