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Transport Practitioners Meeting (India) Report & Presentations

The Energy & Resources Institute (TERI), as the Theme Champion for Environment and Climate Change within the global Transport Knowledge Partnership (gTKP), organised a Round Table Meeting for Transport Practitioners in India on the theme "Transport and Climate Change: An Action Plan for Mitigation" at TERI, New Delhi on 27th November 08.

The objective of the Round Table meeting was to sensitise policy makers and practitioners in the transport sector in the Indian states on climate change issues and challenges and encourage them to develop action plans for mitigation of GHG emissions in their cities.

The round table was attended by transport secretaries and commissioners of many Indian states including UP, Bihar, Haryana, Rajasthan , Karnataka, Jammu and Kashmir.The round table was inaugurated by Secretary, Department of Road Transport & Highways, Ministry of Shipping, Road Transport and Highways, Government of India and was steered by Mr Sundar, Distinguished Fellow, TERI and Theme Champion gTKP.The Round table was also addressed by Mr B.N Puri, Consultant, Planning Commission, Government of India Mr Charles Melhuish, gTKP, Dr Ajay Mathur,Director General, Beaure of Energy Efficiency.

Many States showed their interest in taking forward the agenda of implementing mitigation measures in their States and sought assistance in developing and implementing mitigation options. gTKP/TERI, offered to assist the states in their endeavor to mitigate the impact of transport on environment and climate change. 

Key Presentations: Transport Practitioners Meeting 2008 

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