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Pre-BAQ 2008 Workshop - Transport, Air Quality and Climate Change

gTKP's Environment and Climate Change Theme hosted an event to bring together stakeholders interested in Transport, Air Quality and Climate Change. The event was held in Bangkok on 10 November prior to the Better Air Quality (BAQ) 2008 Workshop. The BAQ Workshop is an annual event to bring together policy-makers and stakeholders to discuss how to improve air quality management in Asian cities.

gTKP's full-day pre-BAQ event was attended by more than 50 people from diverse organisations across throughout the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. It was intended to draw attention to transport in the climate change debate.

Air Quality

  1. Bring forth the issues and challenges in setting standards for air quality and vehicular emissions in Asian Cities.
  2. Look for ways to put in place a proper monitoring mechanism for air quality and emission standards particularly in Asian Cities.
  3. Inspection and certification regimes to improve the performance of in-use vehicles
  4. Share best practices in air quality management through interventions in transport sector.

Climate Change

  1. Understand and project the contribution of transport sector in climate change
  2. Look for feasible and cost effective mitigation options to combat climate change.


Setting the Scene

Measuring the Problem


Climate Change Mitigation in Transport